Services and Products

Internet Consultancy

  • Advising and design of strategies for Internet presence.
  • Web promotion and marketing

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Domains and Hosting

  • Registration of new domains
  • Selecting and hiring hosting packages
  • Internet connectivity
  • Server administration
  • Technical support

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Web Development

  • Web design
  • Intranets (content management & maintenance)
  • Extranets (Virtual Office for customers)
  • Development of ASP applications
  • Graphical desin: Animated GIFs and Flash
  • Content editing and data entry
  • Support and maintenance

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Intranets and Virtual Office Management System
Virtof® is a set of tools that can be integrated within a Web, enriching it with advanced functionalities: Content management, User management, Document upload and management, News publishing, etc.
It allows to choose among several functional modules, based on a central database, which can be integrated in any Web developed with ASP (Surveys, Online shop, Real State database, Calendar, etc.).

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Development of Applications and Databases

  • Rapid prototype development
  • Advanced User Interfaces
  • Specialised in MS Access and Visual Basic

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Information Management System for Health Professionals

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