ATD (Astronaut Training Database)

ATD (Astronaut Training Database)
Customer ESA/EAC (European Space Agency / European Astronaut Center)
Contractual conditions 1993-1999 Subcontracted by Datamat (main contractor)
1999-2000 Subcontracted by Vega (main contractor)
Objectives Development of a database and software tools for the management of data related with the Training of the Astronauts, with special emphasis on the scheduling of training activities using a graphical Timeline.
Development Status
  • Stand alone (Visual Basic) version not continued.
  • Web-based version (ASP) version currently under development.

Project History
  • Datamat innitiated the development of PDA (Prototype of a Database Application), using Oracle forms and Visual Basic 2.
  • GMV provides support to generation of Timelines using Freelance and ToolBook.
  • August 1993: Antonio Olmedo Soler gets involved in the project as subcontractor for Datamat, by special request of Paolo Nespoli (ESA's project manager).
  • December 1993: End of first contract, extension for another year, and then one more. Datamat and GMV reduce their involment on SW development, and AOS remains as main developer, poviding full-time in-site support with real-time collection of requirements and support to users.
  • November 1994: Installation of ATD in Star City (Moscow).
    • Problems with communications determine the need to create an offline version of ATD, that can be installed in a laptop.
    • Intial tests installing Oracle on the laptop, until full compatibility with MS-Access is achieved.
  • Different versions of ATD are produced with a higher degree of flexibility, both in its architectural design (online client-server or standalone, using Oracle or MS-Access databases) and user interface. This permited to use intermediate vesions of ATD in other contexts different than the training administration:
    • Used during the BEDREST experiments campaign performed in Toulouse in 1995, for the scheduling of experiment activities and the collection of scientific data.
    • A special version of ATD  (CAOS: Crew Activities Organiser System) was designed after the request from the astronaut Thomas Reiter to use it on-board the Mir Space Station as an activity organiser tool during a 6 months mission (Euromir 95). A test of usage was performed during the mission, but it could not be used periodically because ground control did not deliver data for the daily schedule.
  • At the end of 1995 it was proposed to study the integration in ATD of WWW technology.
  • During 1996 the development of ATD is continued remotely, teleworking from Spain.
  • In August 1996 a demonstration of ATD is performed in Houston to the team of contractors developing similar projects for NASA. Despite their interest in starting collaboration in future development, ESA managers did not take such decision.
  • During 1998 the project has a break during the selection of a new main contractor.
  • Vega was selected to replace Datamat, merging ATD with other projects for the development of CBT (Computer Based Training) systems.
  • Josep Auferil (Fra Mauro) acts as coordintor of the development team
  • AOS continues now as subcontractor of Vega, focusing in the development of some modules (Timeline and Scheduling tools, Personnel and Resources Catalogue).

Sample screens (Version Nov-2000)

Fig. 1: Campaign Manager (Monthly view)
This tool provides a long term perspective
for the planning of the Astronauts Training.
It shows the Campaigns (long periods).

Fig. 2:  Campaign Manager (Weekly view)
The Campaign Manager may also be configured
to see a more detailed perspective, showing a granularity
of weeks and the planning of Training Sessions
(shorter training periods, usually 2 weeks).
The user can click on any displayed object and
get a menu with the actions supported by it.

Fig. 2: Campaign Wizard
To create or modify the Training Campaigns,
this wizard assists the user to provide all the
necessary data: Training Type and Phase,
Code and Name, Start and End dates,
Trainees and description.

Fig. 4:  Session Wizard
To create or modify the Training Sessions,
this wizard assists the user to provide all the
necessary data: Training Campaign, Lessons,
Code and Name, Start and End dates,
Trainees and Description.

Fig. 5: Session Planner
This tool provides a medium term perspective
for the planning of the Astronauts Training.
It shows an array Traineesand Days of a
Training Session. The user must select a lesson
to see and modify the assignments of tranees.

Fig. 6:  Timeline Chart
The Timeline provided a short term perspective
for the planning of the Astronauts Training.
It displays the activities to which a group of persons
are assigned during a short period (usually 1 week).
Sample screens (Version 2.4 - Oct-1998)

Fig. 1: Catalog Browser

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