Viking - Puchase Assistant
Viking - Puchase Assistant
Customer Sprinkler Viking
Objectives Provide customers and representatives of Viking in different European countries with a database and a tool permiting to query the products catalogue and to issue purchase orders or quotations.
Development Status
  • Development of the first functional version completed. Delivered to customers in several countries.
  • Curently under study the development of a Web version.

Project history


  • Implemented a standalone application (Visual Basic+Crystal Reports) based in an MS-Access database.
  • Implemented a basic Web prototype testing the query of the products database using ASP.



Highlighted features

  • Dual mode
    • Purchase Assistant (to be used by customers)
    • Quote Assistant (to be used by comercial agents)
  • Data-independence
    • All the database contents can be loaded from external files: Classification of products, List of vendors, Catalogue of products, Prices in a given currency.
    • Data files are ASCII files that can be generated from other Databases or Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Multilanguage
    • Without having to restart the application, users can change the language of the Interface by selecting from a list of up to 10 languages.
    • Translators can localize the application without any need to change the code or recompile the program. All language dependent contents are loaded from external files wich can be edited using any text editor or by mean of the special tool designed for their maintenance (LOCAS: Localization Assistant).
    • 9 languages are fix, but a 10th language can be used for any other languages.
  • Customizable
    • Users can choose the layout of the printed orders, the number of decimals to show for numeric values, etc.

Sample screens

Fig. 1: Catalogue of products.
This screen shows the tree of product categories,
and the list of products matching the selected category.
Above them, a dialog box permits to add
a product to the active Purchase Order.

Fig. 2: Editing Purchase Order form.
This form permits to create or modify purchase orders,
providing general information (customer, delivery
address and date) and adding products to the list.
Total price and weight are automatically calculated.

Fig. 3: Preview printable Purchase Order.
When the order is completed, it can be printed to be
delivered to the supplier. Previous orders are
saved, permitting to be traced or reissued.

Fig. 4: Configuration and data import tools.
The user can select the interface language at any time.
Additional options permit to select the layout and
decimal positions. The user can also import data files
containing the upgrade of the catalogue and prices.

Fig 5: Localization Assistant
This is an independent tool, which can be
used to translate the Purchase Assistant
to any language without the need  to
recompile the program.

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