Antonio Olmedo Soler

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Olmedo Soler

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Madrid, SPAIN

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Apartado 290
46410 - Sueca (Valencia)




  •  ... 1981: Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Madrid, Spain).
    Primary and Secondary school. 
  • 1981-1986: Universidad P. Comillas (Madrid, Spain).
    Degree in Psychology.
  • 1985-1986: "General Course on Automated Documentation and Methodology of the Scientific Work".
    Organised by the CSIC (High Council of Scientific Research), SEDIC (Spanish Society of Scientific Documentation and Information) and the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  • 1986-1987: Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (Madrid, Spain).
    First course of the "Master in Computer Sciences".
  • 1987: Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (Madrid, Spain).
    Seminar on "Artificial Intelligence".
  • 1987 (Jan-Jun): Scholarship granted by UNISYS and IMADE (Development's Institute of Madrid).
    Courses on "Artificial Intelligence": Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, MAPPER, Methodology, LISP and KES.
  •  1987 (Aug-Dec): UNISYS - ECAI (European Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Madrid, Spain).
    Special extension to the previous scholarship.
    Practices on "Artificial Intelligence": usage of the TI-Explorer, Advanced LISP and KEE.
  •  1988 (Jan-May): IBM's Education Department  (Madrid, Spain).
    Courses on the IBM-3090 environment: PL/I, JCL, MVS, VSAM, IMS, DL/I, etc.
  •  1989: UNISYS International Training Centre (Milton Keynes, UK).
    "KES on BTOS".
  • 1989-1990: UNISYS (Madrid, Spain):
    "Manager as Leader and Coach" and "Project Management"
  • 1991: UNISYS (Madrid, Spain).
    Courses on UNIX: "Usage of UNIX", "Shell Programming" and "UNIX Administration".
  • 2007: ESA/ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)
    "Writting a good proposal", "Financing Innovative Projects"

Work experience

2002 (Apr) - (Today)
Company: OK-Systems (Olmedo Knowledge System S.L.)
Location: Valencia (Spain), Delft (The Netherlands)
Position: CEO
Activities: Main projects and customers:
  • MECA - Mission Execution  Crew Assistant
    (Project developed for the European Space Agency in collaboration with TNO, EADS and Science & Technology, aiming to develop an intelligent system to help astronauts during exploration of the Moon and Mars)
    ROLE: Identify requirements and develop a proof-of-concept prototype (main responsible for the Planning & Scheduling module).
  • FielData (developed in collaboration with Inforion)
    ROLE: Design and development of a Web-based tool to manage market analysis reports
  • Ross Henderson (Space Systems Engineer)
    ROLE: Web hosting, design and maintenance.
  • Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca (Language school specialised in courses for translators, interpreters and language teachers).
    ROLE: Web hosting design, maintenance and promotion.
  • Viking Spain (Sprinkler and Fire protection systems)
    ROLE: Web hosting, design, maintenance and promotion.
  • Clínica Masó (Physiotherapist - Podal reflexologist)
    ROLE: Database development; Graphical design (logo and brochure); Web hosting, design and maintenance.
  • Hernandez Rubio Consultoría de Empresas.
    ROLE: Web hosting, design and development.
  • Gil & Olmedo (Insurance Broker)
    ROLE: web hosting, design and development.
  • Xiloteca Manuel Soler (Private Wood collector)
    ROLE: Database development; Web hosting, design, maintenance and promotion.
  • RumboGPS (Orientation, Earth Navigation and GPS School)
    ROLE: Web hosting.
  • Development of a community portal to promote tourism and ecommerce.
    ROLE: Project management; Web design,  development and maintenance; Contents development and maintenance.
  • IENECE Estrategias.
    ROLE: Web hosting, design and development.
  • Paz 40 (Lawyers and economist)
    ROLE: Web hosting.
  • Sportlider (Leisure and Adventure)
    ROLE: Web hosting.
  • Escuela de Baile David Duarte (Dancing school)
    ROLE: Web hosting.
    ROLE: Web hosting.
  • INFOPISO: Developent of a Web Portal for the Association of Constructors of the Safor region (APCSAFOR - Asociación de Promotores y Constructores de La Safor), and the Web sites for 13 associated companies.
    2002-2003 Gandía (Spain)
    ROLE: Project management, Web design and developent.
  • INFOLEX: Developent of a Web Portal for the Professional Association of Social Graduates of Valencia (COGRASOVA - Colegio de Graduados Sociales de Valencia), and the Web sites for 60 of its members.
    2002-2003 Valencia (Spain)
    ROLE: Project management, Web design and development.

 R&D activities, and development of own produts:

  • Virtof (Virtual Office): A Web Content Management System.
  • WebFarmer: Web production and maintenance toolkit.
  • OK-Forms: Form editor and manager Web-based tool.
  • OK-Reports: Database reports editor and manager Web-based tool.
  • OK-Ads: Web based classified advertisement management tool.


1993 - 2002 (Apr)
Company: AOS (Independent Consultant and Sofware Developer)
Location: Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, etc.
Activities: Software development and consultancy.
Main projects and customers:
  • ATD (Astronauts Training Data-Base):
    1993-1995, full-time work in Cologne (Germany).
    1996-2000, teleworking from Denia and Sueca (Spain).
    2001-(today), full-time work in Cologne (Germany).
    Customer: European Astronauts Centre (EAC) of the European Space Agency (under contracts with Datamat and later with VEGA).
    Design and development of a client-server Information System to manage information related to the astronauts training.
    Originally developed on Visual Basic, interfacing databases implemented on Oracle and MS-Access.
    Currently adapted using Web technologies (ASP, DHTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.)
    Besides the internal usage of EAC, ATD was used to support planning and operations in the experimental campaign Bedrest (in Toulouse, France, during the second half of 1994).
  • CAOS (Crew Organiser system):
    1994-1995, Cologne (Germany).
    Customer: European Astronauts Centre (EAC) of the European Space Agency (under contract to Datamat).
    Adaptation of ATD for its usage on-board the Space Station MIR during the mission EUROMIR-95, as a scheduling tool, used by the ground planning team and by the on-board crew members.
    Developed on MS-Access and Visual Basic.
  • REFSYS (Reference System):
    1994, Cologne (Germany).
    Customer: European Astronauts Centre (EAC) of the European Space Agency
    (under contract with Heinz Röder DatenTechnik)
    Design and development of a document information system.
    Developed on MS-Access and Visual Basic.
  • FTA (Flight Training Activities Management System)
    1999, Cologne (Germany).
    Customer: European Astronauts Centre (EAC) of the European Space Agency.
    Web-based system aimed to manage the process of requesting, approving and reporting the flight training activities of the European Astronauts.
  • Penguins (Astronauts Photo-Album Web)
    1999-2000, Cologne (Germany).
    Customer: European Astronauts Centre (EAC) of the European Space Agency.
    Web-based system aimed to manage images and support documentation for the astronauts.
    1994, Moscow (Russia).
    Customer: Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP)
    On request by the European Space Agency, I adapted SPET to be used in a new experimental campaign (HUBES) of a long-term isolation simulation developed at the Institute of Biomedical Problems, in Moscow.
    Developed on dBase III+ and Clipper
    1993-1994, Madrid (Spain)
    Customer: Spanish Interior Ministry (under contract with Micromouse)
    Database application, to maintain information on the properties of the Ministry.
    Developed on dBase III+ and Clipper
  • SIP:
    1993, Madrid (Spain)
    Customer: Spanish Social Security Ministry  (under contract with Unisys)
    Design and development of a presentation about the Personnel Information System.
  • Viking-Web:
    1997-2004, Madrid (Spain)
    Customer: Sprinkler Viking
    Design and implementation of the Corporate Web pages for the branch of Sprinkler Viking in Spain and Portugal.
    (  )
  • Euro-Web:
    1998, Denia (Spain)
    Customer: Government of the Basque Country (under contract to Coopers & Lybrand)
    Implementation of Web pages, adapting a document about the Euro, in different languages.
    ( )
  • Reflejoterapia:
    1998, Valencia (Spain)
    Customer: Francisco Masó
    An database application managing a physiotherapist's data (patients, appointments agenda and invoices).
    Developed on MS-Access.
  • Purchase Assistant:
    1998 -1999, Madrid (Spain)
    Customer: Sprinkler Viking
    Database application to be distributed to the company customers, to assist in querying of the products catalogue and issue of purchase orders.
    Developed on MS-Access and Visual Basic.
  • Real State Information System:
    1998-1999, Denia (Spain)
    Customer: Salvador Pérez
    Internet consultancy and development of an information system for a real state agency containing the following modules:
    • Internal maintenance system: a multilanguage application interfacing the master database for internal use (developed with MS-Access)
    • Web-based database interface (developed with ASP technology)
      ( )
    • Distributable query system: multilanguage application to be send in a CD-ROM to external international agents to query an updated database of current offers.
  • CMDOC - Web-based documentary database interface:
    1998-1999, Madrid (Spain)
    Customer: Caja Madrid
    Web-based document database query and maintenance system, used in the Intranet of the legal department of the bank.
    Developed with ASP and DHTML, interfacing an SQL Server database.
  • - Rutas
    1999 Valencia (Spain)
    Development of a Web site (using Macromedia Flash) with touristic routes in the Comunidad Valenciana, to be included at the official site of the Tourism Agency of the Generalitat Valenciana (Government of Valencia).
    ( )
  • ITS: Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca
    2000-2001 Salamanca (Spain)
    Provided consultancy on the deployment of a Web site for a interpreters and translators school, and maintenance of the Web contents.
    ( )

1996 (Jan) - 1997
Company: HispaCom Internet, S.L.
Location: Madrid (Spain), Denia (Alicante, Spain)
Position: Technical Director
Activities: Development of Web contents and Internet consultancy:
  • Talleres de Arte GRANDA: Catalogue of religious art
  • GED - Grupo Especial Directivos: Publications and organisation of seminars and congresses
  • People: Temporary Work Company
  • Luis Molina Acedo: Catalogue of religious art
  • FEVAMA: Furnitures Manufacturers Federation of Valencia
  • Creaciones Domenech: Leather handbag manufacturer
  • GVP - General Video Productions: TV and Video productions

1992 (Feb) - 1993 (Jan)
Company: ESA (European Space Agency)
ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre)
Location: Noordwijk (The Netherlands)
Position: YGT (A1-1)
Activities: Software Development:
  • CAPS-2: Development of different prototypes for the refinement of the Graphical User Interface of CAPS (Cabin Air Pressure System Expert System) an application integrated in the Crew Workstation Test-Bed for the space station module COLUMBUS.
    The main objective of the work developed in collaboration with BSO Aerospace & Systems was the design of a methodology and the selection of the software environment and tools for the future integration of the different applications developed under the project AMMI2 (Advanced Man-Machine Interfaces 2).
    The main prototype was developed for an X-Windows environment; our approach was based on the design of a CASE tools set (implemented with Clipper and some modules in C, using Object Oriented Programming), to facilitate the portability of the developed software to different operative environments. An additional module was designed to convert automatically of the Expert System from the previous version (NEXPERT) into plain C code.
  • EXEMSI'92: Design, development and evaluation of a software tool (SPET) for assisting in the performance of the experiments' tasks during the campaign. The campaign EXEMSI´92 developed in Cologne (Germany) permitted to perform several experiments on four subjects during two months under isolation and working environment similar to a space station. SPET was developed with Clipper. It permits to consult the daily activities plan (Time-Line), to read procedures and additional help, to fulfil psychological questionnaires, to execute specific data acquisition applications based on the computer, and to integrate the collected data into a unique structure on which would be based the final scientific data base.
  • W4: Design and development of a prototype of an "Activities Scheduling Tool" for the European Astronauts Centre (EAC, in Cologne, Germany). The prototype was developed with Clipper, using advanced Object Oriented Programming and Graphical User Interfaces techniques.

1991 (Jul) - 1992 (Feb)
Company: Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento
(Knowledge Engineering Institute, created by IBM, the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and other major Spanish companies).
Location: Madrid (Spain).
Position: Knowledge Engineer - Consultant.
Activities: Software Development:
  • FORMIP: Multimedia Training System for the operators of a refinery, linked with an Expert System (MIP: Intelligent Processes Monitoring).
    ROLE: General design and prototype development (with AVC for OS/2).
  • IICDOC: Development of a network-based data base system for the integration of the information in the IIC.


  • Study of Expert System methodologies.

1988 (Jun) - 1991 (Jul)
Company: UNISYS
ECAI (European Centre for Artificial Intelligence)
Location: Madrid (Spain).
Position: Knowledge Engineer - Technical Consultant
Activities: Development of Expert System Projects:
  • SAREX: Fleet Scheduling Expert System.
    CUSTOMER: Swissair (Switzerland)
    ROLE: Refinement of the Graphical User Interface (based on KEE).
  • GATEX: Airport Stands Management Expert System.
    CUSTOMER: Swissair (Switzerland)
    ROLE: Design of the Graphical User Interface (with KEE and Flavors).
  • Routing Control: Fleet Scheduling Expert System
    CUSTOMER: Iberia (Spain).
    ROLE: Conversion from Explorer-KEE to PC-Host (UNIX version of KEE).
  • PHP: Portfolio Advisory: Portfolio Investment Management.
    CUSTOMER: Pierson, Heldring & Pierson (The Netherlands).
    ROLE: Design of the Knowledge Bases and the Graphical User Interface (KEE).
  • BBV: Loan Advisory Expert System.
    CUSTOMER: Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (Spain).
    ROLE: Conversion from PC-based Knowledge-Based System to Explorer-KEE.
  • Pricing Advisory: Chemical products price advisory Expert System
    CUSTOMER: Polysar (Canada-Switzerland).
    ROLE: Graphical User Interface refinement (KEE).
  • FASB: Tax advisory System
    CUSTOMER: First Austrian Bank (AUSTRIA).
    ROLE: User Interface prototyping (KES on PC).
  • HyperKEE: Hypertext editor linked with KEE Knowledge Bases.
    CUSTOMER: Postbank (The Netherlands).
    ROLE: Design and Implementation.
  • POE: Smart Graphical Interface for the Emergency Operations Plan management of a Nuclear Power Plant
    CUSTOMER: Hidroeléctrica (Spain).
    ROLE: Design of the Knowledge Bases and the Graphical User Interface (KEE).
  • Agriexpertos: Set of Expert Systems applied to agriculture (Fertilizers, Pests, ...).
    CUSTOMER: developed by UNISYS and PROINTEC for the Regional Agriculture Administrations (Spain).
    ROLE: Conversion of the Expert System from Explorer-KEE to PC-KES, and design of new Knowledge-Base modules.
  • GAMES: General Architecture for Expert Systems in Medicine.
    CUSTOMER: Project integrated in the AIM program of the European Community.
    ROLE: Conversion from Explorer-KEE to PC-Host (UNIX version of KEE).

Marketing and Sales Support:

  • Benchmarks and product presentations.
  • Expert Systems demonstrations in international meetings:
    • Bankers Meeting; Monterrey (Mexico). August, 1988.
    • Congress on Expert Systems Applications to Railways, Vienna (Austria). March, 1989.
    • Portuguese Congress of Artificial Intelligence, Lisbon (Portugal). September, 1989.
    • UNISYS Users Associations Meetings (UUA): Basel, The Hague, Lausanne.
    • Seminars on Artificial Intelligence in Caracas (Venezuela), June, 1989.
  • Feasibility Studies of Expert Systems applications for: Banco de Venezuela , Natwest Bank (U.K.), University of South Africa, La Poste (France), and others.
  • Development of a CASE tool (KESD) for the creation and maintenance of KES II Knowledge Bases, integrated with Databases and a Graphical User Interface (developed with Clipper).
  • Design of an Electronic Catalogue for the Education Department (developed with Clipper).


  • Courses for customers on "Explorer usage", "Advanced Lisp Programming" and "KEE", in Madrid and Amsterdam.

1988 (January-June)
Company: Rural Informática S.A.
(Information processing company associated with a banks' group: Banco de Crédito Agrícola and Cajas Rurales).
Location: Madrid (Spain).
Position: Programmer
Activities: Training at IBM during 4 months.
Development of Data Processing applications.

Company: Psychiatric Residence Dr. Escudero.
Location: Madrid (Spain).
Position: Trainee Psychologist
Activities: Psychological evaluation

Teaching experience

  •  1989, January - June (6 months)
    UNISYS - ECAI (European Centre for Artificial Intelligence). (Madrid, Spain)
    Course and practices on LISP and KEE for technicians of the Nuclear Plant of Cofrentes.
  • 1990, June (2 weeks)
    UNISYS Nederland. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Course and practices on LISP and KEE for technicians of Postbank and BSO Artificial Intelligence.
  • 1991, February (2 days)
    Polytechnic University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain).
    Master on Industrial Logistics.
    Seminar on "Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems applied to Industry".
  • 1993, May (2 days)
    Interior Ministry (Madrid, Spain).
    Course on Usage of BIENESM (application for the management of the Database of the Ministry properties).



  • Spanish: Mother language.
  • English: Fluent in reading, conversation and writing.
  • Portuguese: Fluent in reading and conversation.
  • French: Medium level.
  • Basic knowledge of Dutch and German.

Computer skills

  Expert Medium Basic
Visual Basic & VBScript

ActionScript (Flash)
OpenScript (ToolBook)

SQL Server
MS FrontPage
MSN Messenger
TI-Explorer System
Apple OS
UNIX Apple
Other Applications Macromedia Fireworks
Macromedia Flash
MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
MS Outlook
Corel Draw
Micrografx Picture Publisher
Artificial Intelligence
KEE (Intellicorp's Knowledge Engineering Environment)
KES (Software A&E's Knowledge Engineering System)

Additional data

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