Viking Sprinkler S.A. 

[1997-2007] Corporate Web site of Viking, a company leader in fire protection systems, targeting the customers in Spain, Portugal and South America (in Spanish and Portuguese).
It includes a brochure, a calendar of training events and a registration form, downloadable documents (technical and legal documents, and prices), an online shop that allows to query the products database and issue purchase orders, etc.

ITS - Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca 

[2000-2007] Language School located in Salamanca, Spain, specialized in translation and interpretation courses.
The Web site provides information about the school and its activities, and includes a calendar of courses and registration forms (in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Chinese).

Clínica Masó - Reflexología Podal 

[2002-2007] Therapist in Valencia specialized in Podal Reflexology.
This Web site describes the clinic and their services, contains clinical reports, and includes interactive sections allowing patients or professionals to participate. 

Gil y Olmedo, SA - Correduría de Seguros 

[2002-2007] Insurance broker in Valencia.
This Web site includes a Content Management System (Intranet) allows the owner of the Web site to maintain most of its contents.

Green Planet / Reptilarium de Mallorca 

[2002-2003] Official website of the largest Reptil Park in Europa.
Describes the facilities and services of the park, and gives information about its animals and plants.
Includes participative sections focused on schools, reserachers and general public interested in reptiles.
The Web has an integrated set of Content Management tools (Intranet) and a restricted access area (Extranet) for granted users.

Asociacion de Promotores Inmobiliarios, Constructores y Agentes Urbanizadores de La Safor

[2002-2003] This Web site is the official site of the Association of Promoters and Builders of the region of La Safor (located in central east coast of Spain, a very touristic area). It includes the description of the association and its activities, a directory of associated companies (with links to their own Web pages) and an intranet for restricted usage of the members.

ESA - European Space Agency
EAC - European Astronaut Center

[1993-2003] The Astronaut Training Database (ATD) is an internal application 100% Web-based, interfacing a central database through a set of Web pages. Its goal is to support the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of the astronauts training.
The major contribution has been the development of a graphical timeline and a set of tools to manage the data  about the activities of the astronauts.

Agencia Valenciana de Turismo

[1999] Web site 100% developed with Macromedia Flash, showing recommended routes in the Valencian Community, including high quality pictures and interactive maps. 
Developed for the official tourist information Web site of the government of Valencia.

Caja Madrid - Asesoría Jurídica

[1998-1999] The CMDOC system was developed as an Intranet for the Legal department of Caja Madrid, a major Spanish bank. Its main goal is  to query and maintain a legal documentation database, allowing to upload and classify legal documents, and providing granted users access through a set of tools (hierarchical thesaurus, multi-criteria form and indexes).
The application is 100% Web based, using ASP to interface an SQL Server database. 


Eusko Jaularitza (Basque Government)

[1998] Developed the Web site containing the  institutional information about the Euro of the Government of the Basque Country, adapting a report generated by Coopers & Lybrand. The site was published in three languages: English, Spanish and Basque, and included an euro-calculator.